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What can Smart Office Scan do for you?

Use Smart Office Scan on an HP multifunction device, you will get the chance to minimize time needed to finish processes. As processes previously needed to be done maually and took several minutes to complete, these can now be finished automatically in a matter of seconds!


When your office needs to:    
    Smart Office Scan gives the possibility to:
Scan paper documents and convert them into electronic files.  
    Scan and store directly into your Windows file structure or your business application or email a scanned document directly from your HP MFP to the email address of your choice. Smart Office Scan integrates real-time with the business applications you use
Retrieve, edit and distribute captured documents.

  • Scan to anywhere: scan to your personal home directory, into your business application or to your own or someone elses email address using Smart Office Scan

  • Scan to multiple destinations simultaneously
  • Use Zone OCR to structuralize to process large amounts of documents by creating a document search template for your structured documents
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to create text searchable PDF, Word, Excel or OpenOffice files

  • Combine scanned documents with other electronic documents into a single PDF file


Create possibilities for employees to share documents.

  • Scan directly to an email address directly from your HP MFP

  • Scan directly to fax, network folders or databases
Secure scanned documents.

  • Use PDF security to secure documents

  • User authentication for secure scanning

  • Create audit trails

  • Use bates stamping

  • Create PDF/A files
Implement an easy to-use solution.  
    Install Smart Office Scan on a non-dedicated central server. No software needs to be installed on local workstations. This means that users don’t see the software while working with it. They work directly from the MFP they are already familiar with. Product training is not necessary.
Integrate a scan/archiving solution in the current workflow.  
  • Integrate Smart Office Scan with business applications

  • Create new connectors with a minimum of customization
  • Benefit from Zone OCR and handle structured documents more efficiently